Revolutionary Blue Jeans

& Bold Head To Toe Denim

May 31, 2017

For many years the bestseller in clothing has been the Blue Jeans. It’s the Must Have for every wardrobe, used in each season, perfect for every outfit, from casual to chic.

The Blue Jeans have a long history; it was born as a pair of sturdy pants that could withstand hard work, used by both miners and sailors. Primarily these timeless pants became popular thanks to movies from the genre Western. Afterwards also thanks to generational films as Rebel Without a Cause.

With this movie, James Dean becomes the symbol of all young people in the world, many imitating his style. The Blue Jeans with a simple white T-shirt had become iconic.

Not just a comfortable pants for work, but a symbol of rebellion, controversy, youth and also the female revolution.

In fact, these trousers were the first unisex clothing of the fashion history.

Sure, some women already wore pants, but the Blue Jeans is for the first time pants worn the same way by both men and women. Only the zipper cover and buttons make a distinction in gender.

Over the decades the Jeans became the must have for everyone.

No longer useful but trendy, not poorer but richer, no longer male, but also a top-notch for the female universe. Old Blue Jeans is a great fashion passe-partout!

There are many kinds: flared jeans, wide, skinny, short, long, torn or embellished with studs and glitters. Jean styles alone come in many different shapes, fits, and colours.

Change the time, change the fashion but the Jeans remain!

Everyone knows you need at least one pair of designer jeans that fit perfectly, but street style experts have been strutting their stuff into more than just your standard pair of skinny jeans.

Denim is always a fashion trend and to create a denim outfit is very easy.

It can be casual, but chic too. You can have a total denim outfit, or you can mix it with others materials.

Perfect for Spring, denim skirts are very cool, so dust off your jean skirts ladies!

Did you think the ’90s would never return? Mistaken!

Mini or midi, with tears or buttons, under a skin-tight crop top or a boyfriend T-shirt.

The denim jacket is a must of street style, it can be minimal or very extravagant with floral applications.

We can call it Denim Invasion: denim jackets, denim skirts, denim overalls, denim shirts, denim dresses, denim accessories and even in home decor denim is becoming a staple too.

These items can add fun and variety to your wardrobe.

Check them out and prepare for a shopping spree!

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