What To Wear This Easter Holidays

April 13, 2017
This year’s Easter Holidays are coming up, what better time to think about the perfect look to wear this day. Here’s some inspiration on what to wear?

Obviously, this is an occasion where we need to present the best of ourselves, with family lunches involved. This is the perfect time to begin to take advantage of the Spring Summer 2017 fashion trends that we so love, by showing off clothes and trendy accessories.

Of course, the weather is a big influence on what outfit is appropriate. As also are the activities that are planned on this day of celebration.

This religious holiday is celebrated on Sunday and usually spent with family and in the company of our loved ones.

According to the Dutch tradition, adults and children love to paint Easter eggs. In the days that precede Easter, both are working hard to create colourful and funny eggs designs. On Easter morning this tradition becomes the egg hunt: after the Easter Bunny has hidden the painted and decorated eggs (both real and chocolate) in the garden and around the house, children compete in a real life search that is only to find and eat as many as possible! A real treasure hunt that engages and entertains both children and adults.

Rather than stuff ourselves during the Easter lunch, as we Italians are accustomed to, the Dutch prefer to go outside and enjoy the view and a lovely brunch.

Anyway, the table is full of goodies, so Happy Easter to everyone!

When in need of an appropriate outfit for the occasion, have a look at our outfit ideas below. Something that is no particular excess, trendy, comfortable, and why not, also chic.

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