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June 11, 2017
Maastricht - Underrated European Cities That Shouldn't Be Missed - Link About It
 1. Underrated European Cities That Shouldn’t Be Missed

We all know about the big European city breaks like Florence, Lisbon and Amsterdam, but what about Perugia, Porto or Maastricht? If you’ve already been to all the big cities, or just want to venture off the well-beaten tourist track, it’s time to discover some seriously underrated cities. Europe is a big continent full of hidden treasures ripe for exploring.
These 6 European Cities deserve some time in the limelight!

 2. New Exhibition: Undressed. by Mario Testino

Displaying at the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin from June 2 to November 19, as a homage to the sexy and glam larger-than-life nudity of Helmut Newton himself and so conceived exclusively for the Foundation, Undressed offers 54 larger-than-life images are affixed directly to the walls in three of the Foundation’s exhibition halls, reaching into the corners of the room and up to the ceiling, filling the rooms with bodies and emotions to create an imposing human landscape.“Seduction is more interesting than sex”, Testino says in an interview with uber fashion mensch Carine Roitfeld in the exhibition’s catalogue. A quote that goes some way to describe the contents of Undressed. It’s sexy, and a little chaste, not visceral but sculptural.

3. Rare Photos Of Marilyn Monroe Before The Fame

Marilyn Monroe would have celebrated her 91st birthday on the 1st of June, but only a few know what the actress looked like before she became one of the most iconic celebrities of all time with her platinum blonde hair and signature red lipstick. Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, Monroe had a really tough childhood. She moved from one foster home to another, going through traumatic experiences in almost all of them. Everything changed in 1944 when she was introduced to a photographer from the U.S. Army Air Force’s First Motion Picture Unit. This relationship propelled Marilyn’s pin-up modelling career, and the work eventually led to film contracts with Twentieth Century Fox and Columbia Pictures. Soon Marilyn became one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

4. The Many Benefits Of Being Outdoors

Science is full of research as to why spending time outside, and being active, is beneficial to both adults and to children. One of the key benefits of being outdoors is the production of vitamin D, which helps the body absorb iron, calcium and zinc. It also helps maintain healthy muscle and healthy nervous and immune systems. Exposure to sunlight triggers the process that produces vitamin D in the body. Let’s look at the other most compelling reasons to break away from the computer and head into the backyard or to the nearest park or woods.

5. You’ll Be Dreaming About These Breakfast Pizza Recipes

The only thing better than leftover pizza for breakfast is pizza that was cooked up just for breakfast. We’re talking about Breakfast Pizza. It is pizza topped with the classic English breakfast, eggs, bacon and cheese, of course, as well as some more creative choices. Breakfast pizza requires a little more work (actually, a lot more) than grabbing a slice of last night’s pie and eating it cold. But it’s so worth it because it’s the harmonious union of the best meal on the planet (a.k.a. pizza) with the other best meal on the planet, breakfast. Check out these 10 recipes!


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