The Perfect Travel Outfit

5 Must Haves

April 6, 2017
Keep calm and travel the world!

How do you select an ensemble that’ll be comfortable enough to travel in, but trendy enough to keep you from feeling sluggish?

First, to prepare for the temperature roulette that is inherent in travel, you’ll need layers. To be a practical packer, you’ll need versatile pieces that you can reuse throughout your trip. And in order to not be miserable, please pack clothing and shoes you’ve already road-tested and know to be comfortable for your body and your being.

The perfect travel outfit is actually super formulaic.

You need five things:

  • A T-shirt—one that’s soft, well-made, and has a loose fitting
  • A jacket or a bomber—something neutral coloured and warm
  • Fitted pants with stretch—look for elastic-blend stretch-denim or tailored joggers
  • Comfortable, stylish shoes—smart sneakers, flats, or a low heel
  • One comfortable and spacious bag

Of course, you will not remember what you wore on any given trip, but the comfort and confidence that comes from the perfect travel outfit is meaningful. Your style can change your approach to what you do and who you are abroad.


Here are some outfit suggestions to make you feel like less of a tourist and more of a traveller.


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